Clayton Sandy


Hello. My name’s Clayton Sandy. I am from Sioux Valley Dakota First Nation. I was asked to participate in this project a few months ago. It was a great honour for me to be part of it. I often wondered, moving to Winnipeg 35 years ago, why there’s so many aboriginal people living on the street. And I’d get many different comments about how bad aboriginal people are. And I think, later on working in government, I used to hear the same comments, and it made me wonder for many years. And finally, I decided to do some research and realized a lot of this was the effects of residential school. Even though I didn’t go to residential school, I had my parents and my siblings go to residential school. I had definitely realized the effects residential school had affected me in many different ways. My video shares a lot of pain, a lot of shame… and I’m hoping that I can inspire some other men to deal with his or her, maybe his or her issue in trying to become healthy, and letting the past go. Thank you.