Dan Highway


My name is Dan Highway. I’m originally from Brochet, Manitoba. It is in Northern Manitoba, Reindeer Lake. I’m a residential school survivor out of the Guy Hill Indian Residential School. I spent 13 years of my earlier years there. This digital story is about me becoming and being a parent after residential school. I had two daughters and I always felt a little guilty about not being a good parent. I did a lot of healing in the last 30 years. Now I’m a grandparent. I really feel that I’m getting a second chance to not only make it up to my children, my two daughters, but also to be a good grandparent so that my grandchildren don’t inherit any other residential school residue from the past. I want to make sure that happens, that I take care of my grandchildren and make it up to my kids. I think we’ll be okay from here-on.