Greg McIvor


My name’s Greg McIvor and I come from Thompson in Northern Manitoba. I have family that originated from Norway House, Cross Lake and God’s Lake. I’m am intergenerational grandson of a residential school survivor. Throughout this process, of being with the whole group of other digital storytellers, I’ve come to discover a lot about some of my family lineage and history. I’ve come to know how residential school affected some of my family members and how it kind of affected me. I’ve been learning a lot about my family history; it was a very intriguing and very heartfelt discovery. My heart was heavy but then it kind of lifted up with the possibilities of seeing more done for the future of Aboriginal people.

So, I hope my presentation helps, and maybe gives a positive message to those that are interested in learning more about what really happened and what goes on with other residential school survivors, especially the colonial history and how residential schools kind of took a lot from people that were raised in there. They suffered through those tragic stories during that time. I don’t want to say too much in terms of where my family sits in this whole thing because it’s not for me to tell. It’s definitely meant for my family, especially those that were part of the residential school process; it’s their story. I’m only here to tell my story of what I learned and what I had to discover in order to appreciate what I have now, especially what was given to me as I grew up and I didn’t recognize it until now. It definitely left a profound impact in my life, and I just want to give back and hopefully people will hear what I have to say with my story. I hope you enjoy this video and that you get something from it. Thank you. Meegwetch.