Priscilla Settee


Priscilla Settee is an award winning Associate Professor in the Department of Native Studies at the University of Saskatchewan and a member of Cumberland House Cree First Nations from northern Saskatchewan.

She works in Saskatchewan and the globe in a number of capacities including serving as a board member of the Cultural Conservancy(California). She served as a board member of Oskayak High School, Saskatoon’s only Aboriginal High School from 1996-2013. Her 3rd book(John Charlton Publishing) is called Pimatisiwin, Global Indigenous Knowledge Systems (2013) . In 2008 Settee was awarded a Global Citizen’s award by Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation and was twice nominated for a teaching excellence award by her students. In 2012 Settee received the University of Saskatchewan’s Provost award for Teaching Excellence in Aboriginal Education. In 2013 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee award for contributions to Canada. As part of her work in Indigenous Food Sovereignty Settee directed and co-produced a video on Indigenous Food Sovereignty with local film maker Marcel Petit in 2013.