Wendy McNab


Wendy recognizes Gordon’s First Nation, Peepeekisis First Nation and Cowessess First Nation as home. She hails from the Treaty 4 territory in Saskatchewan. Her mother went to Lebret and Merival residential schools in Saskatchewan. She stayed there for most of her schooling years. Wendy grew up hearing stories about residential schools but has only recently come to realize that an effect of the schools was the avoidance of having words.  There was not just a loss of language but a loss of words to show emotions. She was not able to name her emotions growing up. She was not taught this as a child. Although her mother was very loving, she was unable to express and share what was going on inside of her. Those words were always missing. Her story shows the emotional journey that daughters go through with their mothers, who survived residential schools.  Her journey through this video project was deeply therapeutic. Her video is the journey that she went through in order to emotionally and mentally connect and re-connect with her mother. This is an ongoing journey.