The Toolkit

Making a digital story

Oral tradition, the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next by speaking, is a valuable way for Aboriginal peoples, and all cultures, to learn about their life, their culture and their history.

Boy and Girl - Residential SchoolDigital storytelling, the art of combining oral tradition with digital technology, is a community-based, learner-centred approach to generating knowledge. It involves using computer software to create a 3-5 minute video to illustrate a personal story.

By blending voice-recorded, first-person narratives with a collection of still images, video clips, music and sound effects to create meaningful stories that are powerful, compelling and emotionally engaging, digital storytelling can be an effective tool to educate people about the history, life experiences and unique perspectives of Aboriginal peoples and communities.

We have developed a number of resources to help you make a digital story or organize a digital storytelling process.  These resources include a series of on-line tutorials along with five separate guides. These can be used on their own or together. You can download, print and share any of these resources with your community and students.


A number of on-line tutorials have been developed to walk you through the various elements of digital media software. These can be found throughout Guide 5: Overview of Digital Storytelling Tools and Techniques.

The digital stories that have been included on this website were created using both iMovie on Mac and Premiere Elements 9 and 11 on PC.

Each of these digital media formats have similar components, like timelines, special effects, zooming and panning etc.