Planning and Preparing a Digital Storytelling Project


Whether through grant funding or in-kind supports such as technological equipment and supplies, meeting and production space, or even professional expertise, adequate resources to support the project – and to help with sharing the digital stories after the project has ended – need to be sought and secured prior to commencing with project activities.

To determine the amount and type of resources that are needed to support the project, and to establish a realistic timeline to complete the project, it may be helpful to develop a project budget and work plan outlining the tasks that need to be done, how long each activity will take to finish, and the required resources or costs associated with each activity.

Writing a brief outline which includes scheduled dates and times of the planned activities for each workshop session may help with keeping the project on track. It may also help to ensure that no details of the project planning and activities are overlooked. The project work plan may be organized in accordance with the different stages and workshop sessions of the project.

See Project Work Plan and Project Budget templates included in Guide 4: Logistics, Checklists, and Resources for Digital Storytelling Facilitators.