Logistics, Checklists, and Resources for Digital Storytelling Facilitators

Conducting the Project

1. Facilitate learning circle workshop(s).

The project facilitator should begin the project activities by facilitating workshops involving learning circles and presentations that are designed to get participants started on finding and creating the digital story that they want to tell. The initial learning circle should be guided by a series of open-ended questions to keep the dialogue focused. A presentation illustrating the elements of digital storytelling and a demonstration on how to create a storyboard should be incorporated into these workshops. Between workshops, participants should be encouraged to collect all of the images, music and sound effects that they want to use to illustrate their personal narratives. By the end of these workshops, participants should have their personal narratives, and their storyboards, finalized and ready for recording and digital editing.

2. Facilitate a series of workshops on digital editing.

The project facilitator should guide participants through the process of creating a digital story, using digital editing software. The workshop sessions will include various tutorials around using digital editing software, including working with images and adding music, transitions and titles to the digital stories. The digital storytelling technical workbook will be used the guide the project facilitator through these workshops.