Logistics, Checklists, and Resources for Digital Storytelling Facilitators

Preparing for the Project

1. Gather required equipment and supplies.

As soon as adequate funding to support the project is received, the equipment and supplies required to conduct the project should be gathered or purchased. Arrangements to collect any in-kind support also should be made.

2. Make detailed project arrangements.

All of the details related to carrying out the project should be coordinated early. A safe, comfortable and accessible community location to host the project workshops, preferably with adequate breakout space for participants to refresh, needs to be arranged. If a recording studio or computer lab will be used for the project, these venues also need to be reserved. Guest presenters, health support workers and digital technicians need to be booked. Given that each workshop session will include lunch and snacks for participants, catering services need to be coordinated, and plans for picking up the food, beverages and other shopping items need to be made. Similarly, special arrangements need to be made if any of the workshop sessions include plans for an Aboriginal Elders or other spiritual leaders.

3. Distribute the call for participants.

If the participant group is not already identified, an invitation to participate in the project will need to be distributed to key contacts throughout the community. Follow-up with these informants may be required to ensure the calls for participants are communicated and shared, as intended.