Planning and Preparing a Digital Storytelling Project

Rights of the Participants

  • Despite the expectations of the project, participation must be strictly voluntary.
  • Project participants need to understand that they are not simply subjects in the project, but partners in the digital storytelling process and contributors of vital knowledge.
  • Participants must not be forced to answer any question that they do not feel comfortable answering, and they should be permitted to withdraw their agreement to participate in the project at any time, for any reason, without penalty of any kind.
  • Any concerns raised by participants should be promptly addressed.
  • Participants need to know that they have a say in what happens to the stories they create and how their stories will be used.
  • Whether it’s through the resources they get back, their say in how their words are used, or the individual time they spend with the project facilitator, participants should benefit from going through the digital storytelling process.


It is a privilege to get to hear the stories that are created and shared by the digital storytellers. As such, these stories – and the children of survivors who step forward to tell their stories – must be honoured.