Planning and Preparing a Digital Storytelling Project

Time Commitment

The time allotted to a digital story process will depend on the specific needs of each group. Generally we have found that a minimum of 20 hours are required to do a digital story project. This can take place over consecutive days, weekends or other time periods as determined by each group. The following breakdown provides a sample of a 5 day digital workshop (35-40 hours):

Workshop Day #1

  • A.M.: Sharing circle discussion on the intergenerational effects of residential schools
  • P.M.: Presentation on Finding your Story
  • Tutorial: Storyboarding

Workshop Day #2

  • Finalizing and recording scripts for digital stories
  • Tutorials: Working with images using Photoshop
    • Copyright
    • Working with recording devices
  • Independent work: Create/finalize a storyboard, scan images into a computer and begin image preparation.

Workshop Day # 3

  • Continued work with your images and begin the rough edits of your digital stories on the computers.
  • Tutorial: Introduction to digital editing software including insertion of audio and images into timelines, lining up audio and images.

Workshop Day #4

  • Finalizing and polishing digital videos.
  • Tutorial: Inserting music, transitions, credits and titles into timelines.

Workshop Day #5

  • Introduction to sharing and distributing digital stories with others
  • Tutorial: Burning copies of digital stories to DVD, setting up YouTube channels etc.
  • Viewing of the digital stories created over the workshop
  • Feast and celebration

The time commitment required by project participants is critical, given the nature of the discussions and the progressive learning involved with each workshop session. Participants need to fully understand the goals and objectives of the project, and they must be willing to actively participate in all of the workshops.

When possible, a small honourarium (i.e., cash or a gift card) can be given to the participants as an expression of appreciation for their time commitment to the project, and to help offset any costs incurred to participate in the project. Childcare needs of participants should also be carefully considered.